Hey Everyone,

While I was away on vacation we had some issues with the store. Somehow it was allowing people to place orders for items we had set to “out of stock”. We had to go in and cancel 10s of orders, and on top of that, we haven't been able to reliably keep up with the demand. With all of this occurring, plus the time Jeff and I had to put in to try and fix the site, we were reminded of some things. 

When Jeff and I started Cell Saviors our goal was to use the store to help pay for the costs of the tools we were building. We never intended for our products to become as popular as they did, which is awesome but creates a lot of issues that take us off our path.

Our path is building tools and resources that benefit our ever-growing community. 

The battery, solar and EV industries will continue to grow, making sure people have a place to learn, build and innovate is and will always be our mission. 

That being said we will be taking down our store. If you have any open orders or questions feel free to email us at sales@cellsaviors.com, all open orders will be fulfilled.

This change allows Jeff and I to focus more of our time on the tools suite that we built. We have a lot in the pipeline for that, and it should become much more valuable to the community in the near future. In the next month or two, we will be launching the most comprehensive power-wall / solar generation / off-grid system planner out there. 

In addition to that, we have several other tools in the works and have plans to move all of our planners and building tools into one seamless workflow for users. We will also be adding the ability for users to create accounts where they will be able to save and store all of their projects.

We understand this change is disappointing but our mission was to build amazing tools to help grow this community not to become a battery wholesaler. 

Thank you all for your support -

Bryan & Jeff