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What shortens the life of lithium batteries

Heat is a major factor in reducing lithium battery life. Learn how exposure to sunlight, high currents, and low voltages can damage batteries, and discover effective strategies to enhance their lifespan.

Posted: Tue Jun 18 2024

What is the safest way to charge ebike battery

For safe and effective e-bike battery charging, use a charger that matches the battery’s specifications, employ a constant current power supply, and include a Battery Management System (BMS) to prevent risks and extend battery life.

Posted: Tue Jun 11 2024

How to Extend the Life of a Lithium Battery

Extend the life of your lithium-ion battery by avoiding full charges and deep discharges. Use the recommended charger and keep the battery in a cool environment for optimal performance.

Posted: Tue Jun 11 2024

Why do batteries self discharge

Lithium-ion batteries self-discharge due to internal chemical reactions, electrode impurities, and temperature. This gradual loss of charge happens even when not in use. Understanding these factors can help you store and maintain your batteries for longer life and better performance.

Posted: Tue Jun 11 2024

Is it safe to store lithium-ion batteries in the house

Storing lithium-ion batteries at home is safe if you follow some basic guidelines. Keep them away from heat sources, avoid physical damage, and ensure they are out of reach of children and pets. By taking these precautions, you can ensure a safe environment and extend the life of your batteries.

Posted: Tue Jun 11 2024

How many amps does it take to charge an ebike battery

To charge an e-bike battery, divide its capacity (Ah) by the time available (hours) using the formula: Current (A) = Capacity (Ah) / Time (hours). Ensure the charging current is within the battery's and Battery Management System's (BMS) safety limits.

Posted: Wed Jun 05 2024

How to reduce 48 volts to 24 volts

To reduce 48 volts to 24 volts, use a buck converter. This guide explains how to use constant voltage and constant current buck converters for efficient voltage conversion. Perfect for applications like battery charging and running simple loads.

Posted: Fri May 31 2024

Is it bad to leave an ebike plugged in all the time

Leaving your eBike plugged in is generally safe with modern BMS, but for best battery health, avoid full charges and long-term plug-ins. Follow these tips for better battery longevity and performance.

Posted: Fri May 31 2024

What are the two types of BMS

Discover the two main types of Battery Management Systems (BMS): common port, which uses one port for charging and discharging, and separate port, which has distinct ports for each. Understanding these can help you choose the right BMS for your needs.

Posted: Wed May 29 2024
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