3D Battery Pack Designer Tool

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In this mode, you can choose your battery voltage and battery size and a battery will be generated using a basic rectangular shape.

In this mode, you define a custom shape using points that are formed into a containment polygon that selects cells.

About Our Battery Pack Designer

Our battery pack designer tool is a web-based application that helps engineers and DIYers build custom DIY battery packs various electronic devices or applications. This tool streamlines the battery pack design process by providing a range of features and functionalities to assist in the design and optimization of battery packs.

This is V1 of the tool, it's not perfect, it's not super pretty but it's extremely helpful. We plan to have many updates brought to this tool over time, to make it more robust and feature-rich. If you notice any issues, bugs, or suggestions to make it better please reach out through our support contact form.

Here are some of the key functions and capabilities of our battery pack designer:

  • Configuration Options: Users can specify the desired configuration of battery cells, including series and parallel connections, to achieve the desired voltage, battery capacity , and current handling capabilities for their applications.
  • Battery Pack Sizing: The pack designer tool helps determine the physical dimensions and shape of the battery pack based on the selected cells and configuration. This is important to ensure that the battery pack fits within the available space in the device.
  • Weight and Cost Estimation: (partially implemented, for now, you have to insert manually) The tool typically offers a database of different battery cell models and manufacturers, allowing users to choose the best cells their specific requirements. Users can compare cell specifications, such as capacity, voltage, chemistry, and size.

Here are some features that are not yet live, but we plan to add in future updates.

  • Performance Optimization: assistance in optimizing the battery pack's performance and increase battery cycle life by suggesting the best charging and discharging strategies, as well as other parameters like cutoff voltages.
  • Exporting Specifications: Users will be able to export the battery pack design specifications, including cell selection, configuration, wiring diagrams, and BMS selection, to facilitate the production and assembly process.
  • Electrical Simulation: Our designer tool will offer simulation features that allow users to assess the estimated electrical performance of the battery pack, including voltage, current, calculated internal resistance, and power output. This can help optimize the design for efficiency and safety.
  • Safety Considerations: The tool will offer guidelines and recommendations to ensure that the battery pack design meets lithium battery safety standards and requirements. It may also help with features like thermal cutoffs, overcharge protection, and short-circuit protection.

Our battery pack designer tool is valuable for engineers and DIYers working on a wide range of applications, from stationary battery packs to electric vehicles to renewable energy systems. We aim to help ensure that battery packs are designed efficiently, safely, and with the desired performance characteristics for your intended use.