18650 Battery Pack Builder

This is the pack builder. Use it to build 18650 cell packs with minimal divergence in series capacities. Build with confidence with Cell Savior's pack builder.

Step One

  • First, select whether you are using new cells or salvaged cells.
  • Once you have that selected, decide whether you want to balance your packs just based on cell capacities, or if you want to balance them based on cell capacities and IR values.
  • If you are just balancing based on cell capacities, enter your cell capacities in a comma separated list or upload a csv file below.
  • If you are balancing based on cell capacities and IR values, enter the cell capacities and IR values in a comma separated list. Separate the cell values with mAh capacity on the left and IR value on the right hand side with a colon separating them. An example of one cell would be 3154:31.24
  • Make sure that you test and grade your salvaged cells prior to using them in a build. If you haven't tested your cells yet, these are the best 18650/21700 cell testers on the market.
  • If you notice any issues with IR balancing, please leave us a note via our contact page and we will fix get back to you as soon as we can.

or drag and drop

CSV file up to 5MB