Battery Calculator for Car Audio Systems

If there are other types of cells that you would like added to the prefill dropdown, please feel free to send us a message through our contact form and we will add them to the list as soon as possible.

Step One: Select your cell type

Select the type of cell you want to use for your car audio battery system to pre-fill the cell information section of the calculator.

* We are going to be adding more cell types in the future. If you have a cell type you would like added to the tool, send us a message.

Step Two: Desired system information

Fill in the following information to calculate the required number of cells and configuration for your desired car audio battery system


Step Three: Cell information

Enter the data on the cells that you want to use for your system.

We recommend NOT running Headway cells higher than 5C. The lower the C rate, the less the voltage drop will be and the longer the cells will last.